Steps To Make Your First Nature Aquarium

So you’ve set up your aquarium, waiting patiently until the tank has cycled, you’ve introduced your fish slowly allowing the biological filter to improve, your plants are growing well using up all the nitrates, the tank is looking great and then it happens.

Too much light can cause problems in the freshwater aquarium. If your tank is in direct sunlight that will favor algae growth. Don’t leave the lights on for two long. Twelve hours a day of between two and four watts per gallon is plenty for the plants. Give more light and the algae will start to outgrow the plants.

If you have corals in your tank, then your lighting requirements will increase. Corals are light sensitive, and they grow healthier if light falls on them. Hence, you will have to take good quality lighting for your tank. The same applies if you have plants in your tank. But, for beginners, a aquarium landscape design could be quite tough to maintain. A better way is to begin with a tank that has only fish in it, and then graduate on to keeping plants and corals in the tank when they get enough practice with keeping fish in it.

Though the plants are from the same genus and received the same care, the apparent health and growth of each plant has not been the same, nor have they been what I expected. Sometimes, even when you have reasonably good knowledge about the care of aquarium plants and do research on your purchases, the actual results can be unexpected.

If your aquarium is well-covered, open the covers on your tank, and place nylon netting over the openings to prevent fish from jumping out. This allows heat to escape. You can aid this process further by directing the air-flow of a small fan across the top of the tank.

They are one of the most laid back and hardy species of pet frog and even seem to enjoy occasional human handling and contact. I own two, a male and a female, and I have found that they defiantly have distinctive personalities. My male is shy and loves my fiance, but my female is definitely not shy and loves my company most of all. They pick their favorite people too, just like a cat or dog.

The White’s dumpy tree frog is not white in color, they were named after a scientist whose last name was White. They actually range in color from turquoise blue to a bright green to a dark brown. They are native to the Australia and Indonesia parts of the world. The “dumpy” part of their name comes from the fact that they are one of the largest captive tree frog species, reaching up to 5″ in length for females and slightly smaller for males, but they also tend to become somewhat fat in captivity and run the risk of obesity.

Clown loaches have been bred in aquariums, however it is very rare. Sexing clown loaches externally is hard, but possible by looking at the tail fin. The tail fin tips on the male are slightly bent inwards, making the fin look a little bit like a claw. The tail fin tips on the females aren’t shaped like this.