Seo Expert India- Time To Step Up And Take Over

It’s been three years since I started my journey on the internet and it is my second innings already. During my first stint, I almost did everything right. Well, almost. I hired the best website design company in the whole of Philadelphia. I hired a professional content writer from New York to do the content and then when it mattered most, I settled for a new and inexpensive SEO company. This was the biggest mistake of my life. As a result, my website failed to get the traffic and the exposure that it deserved.

What are your objectives? First figure out what you’d like to achieve with your article writing. Maybe you’d like to be considered as an expert in your niche, or are you writing to encourage traffic to your site? Or maybe you’re after page boost alexa rank fast? Are you promoting affiliate products? Whatever it is that compels you, work at it, because ultimately it will have an effect on your future success, or otherwise.

You see a lot of these multi-million dollar businesses know absolutely diddly squat about their customers. So they are willing to pay or give rewards to normal every day people like you, to tell them what you like or dislike. This is big business and large corporations pay millions of dollars on market research.

It takes good SEO optimization and tactics to get a article to rank highly, but it can be done. One of the best ways is to investigate other articles in the search engines and find out why they are ranking so high and doing the same thing. A highly ranked article can send you thousands of visitors a month to your website. Getting your article on the first page at Google is the key.

Having millions of Google users getting sidetracked into viewing websites more randomly could boost Googles revenue. This would happen as more users would click on a wider variety of sites carrying Google ads.

Add lots of high value content. High value content is something relevant to your niche, something that will help people on you field. It is NOT about telling them how great your product is. 99% of the time this content should be free. It is the bait for them to start knowing and trusting you. This is how you show others that you are there for them and not just to make money. This is one of the principles of Facebook Marketing.

Onsite optimization. A professional SEO company will not ignore onsite optimization. They will edit your META information, title and other HTML tags so as to improve your page rankings. In some cases, they will recommend you to revamp your website if they think that it is not search engine friendly.

So before you go off asking someone to pay you for ad space on your site, to leave blog comments, for a high-powered media interview, to provide fresh content to your blog as a guest, or for a free ticket to an event; follow a proven online marketing system that will lower your Alexa Rank.