Colorwash Your Walls: A Simple Faux Finish Paint Technique

If you’re to perform house painting by yourself, then you certainly must be knowledgeable of selecting the best type of paint and the right type of brushes. There are two types of brushes employed for painting namely the naturally bristled and the wonderful with nylon or synthetic bristles.

Here’s how to remove outline masking tape without goofing up the graphics: Use a slow, steady motion and always pull the tape straight back. Pulling into or away from the fresh paint can create a tear or otherwise blemish the finish.

Two-tone paint schemes have been growing in popularity, which makes picking the right paint doubly difficult. Traditional combos of neutral and primary colors are always safe, but not always the most interesting. Lately, silvers as well as oranges and coppers have been popular colors in two-tone jobs. Almost all the brisbane painter we interviewed identified Troy Trepanier as a master of mixing two disparate colors and making them work. Andre says that one of the tricks when using certain colors that could be overbearing is to use one or the other in moderation. Pete Santini recommends separating two strong colors with a neutral color (such as tan or black) in between, usually a pinstripe. This separates the colors but helps tie them together.

Portraits come in different shapes and sizes. The client has the option of deciding what size of portrait they prefer. This also extends to the design as well as the shape of the frame which also vary. The choice of which type of frame or design that the painting will have is all up to the buyer.

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Different paint colours evoke different feelings and atmospheres in a house. Colour adds a very important aspect to your house and sets the tone for any space. With the myriad paint colours out there, it could get confusing to decide which ones to choose for your home painting needs. However, things can be made clearer by explaining the types of moods different colours set in a home. Once we understand that, we can decide what colours best suit us and what moods we want to create for various areas in the house when we are home painting. For example, you might want to create one type of mood in your living room and another type of mood in your kitchen or bedroom.

Do you think you would go to the yellow pages, choose a dealership at random, and buy your car from the first lot you visited. Many times though, this scenario describes the way homeowners find a painter — they look in the phone book and call the painter with the largest ad or the first one listed. But much like purchasing a car, finding a qualified painter requires research and comparison shopping.

What I am getting at is that not one of these items by itself causes a big loss, but added together for a year, possibly comes out to be a good piece of money.